Better Late Than Never…

February Sewing…


February and March have slipped by quickly for me and a late March snow makes me think Spring will never arrive. But I know it is just around the corner. In February I succumbed to making Helen’s Closet’s Blackwood Cardigan and I’m so glad I did! I used a sweater knit fabric for this quick and easy make on the serger. I’m fairly new to serging and learned that next time I’ll use the differential feed to avoid the wavy stitch line on the bottom band. I will definitely make this again.



First Attempt – note the long sides

I also made a simple flowing vest called, For the Sheer Fun of It, from Judy Kessinger’s FitNice System. Fabric is 100% rayon from Joann’s. Such a simple vest took a lot of time! I used this vest to practice a serger rolled hem with Filaine thread. While it is OK to wear, I’ll improve on the next one. I’m always hopeful!  Originally, I kept the long angles of the hem line to accentuate the plaid. BUT when I saw the pictures of it on me I realized that much fabric overwhelmed me! So back to the cutting table to cut the curve on the front pieces. Also got a little more rolled hem practice.

Altered: curved front

What I learned: use a narrow serged edge instead of rolled edge; cut the curve on the front pieces to avoid the long tails. We took pictures on a sunny day and while we enjoyed the sunshine, these aren’t the best pictures. I put off posting thinking I would retake pictures. Well, that never happened!

Planning to make this is a spring sheer fabric and hoping that will speed the arrival of warm weather.



Copycat Casual Dress

IMG_5484      IMG_5332While searching for the perfect casual dress with pockets, I found this dress at I liked the cowl neck, three quarter sleeves, pockets and side vents. I planned to make it tunic length to wear with leggings, but decided I would have more options if it was a bit longer than tunic.

Last October I took the Fit Nice System class with Judy Kessinger at Austin’s Sewing Center, my local fabric store. Judy has a master top and master pant pattern that is fitted to each individual and from these two master patterns, you can make numerous variations. Lisa Niehaus was the instructor and did an amazing job helping me fit the master pattern to my body. I left with a completed shirt and felt confident I could handle making variations since I finally had a top fitted to my shoulders, bust, waist, and hips.  Throughout the day Judy constantly says, “You are the designer and it is totally up to you what you do.” This class gave me confidence in myself as I return to garment sewing. I highly recommend it.  So here you go… my copycat dress!


I liked the look of the selvage edge and used it as the top of the pockets.  I simply surged the other three sides of the pockets and attached with the Nancy Zieman wobble stitch. I used my FitNice master top pattern with a cowl neck variation. First, I decided my finished length. Then at my widest point on the pattern, I extended the side 1 inch, then drew a diagonal line from the arm through the 1 inch extension and to the hem.  The one inch was too wide for me from under the arm and through the waist and I tried it on repeatedly as I was taking in the seams.  Next time I make this, I’ll add 1/2 inch from underarm and taper to 3/4 inch at the widest point. I’ve worn it with a long necklace and heels to church and also with a scarf and boots. It is comfortable and I love it.

2017 Sewing Review

Sewing for Grandkids

FullSizeRender.jpgThis year I had successes and failures in pattern fitting for the granddaughters.  Then I discovered Little Lizard King patterns. Yahoo! Successful fit and I am off and running..

The gray dress is made from the Roanoke pattern by Little Lizard King. I love the classic lines and used lace that was made by the girls’ Great Great Grandmother. My Grandma Jessie gave us crocheted lace towels as a wedding gift 45 years ago. Long ago I discarded the towels but kept the lace and am so glad I kept it. The fabric is Robert Kaufman Quilters 100%woven cotton linen, gray.

IMG_5335.JPGIMG_5337.JPGWhile I am not a huge fan of character clothing, the girls love My Little Pony and Minnie Mouse, so being a good Mimi, I made outfits using character fabrics. The  purple dress is the Roanoke pattern by Little Lizard King. The red/blue and red/black Minnie Mouse dresses are the Blue Ribbon Dress pattern from Little Lizard King.



This was one of my first experiences sewing with knits. The orange dot fabric is one of my old shirts repurposed and the crocheted dolly was made by my Grandmother. Pattern is Simplicity 1435 and this was an epic fail in the fit department! I made a size 5 but it swallowed my granddaughter. So it is in the closet waiting patiently for her to catch up to its size!

Sewing for Me

My recFullSizeRender-1.jpgent return to garment sewing for myself resulted in frustration after frustration until I took a class from Judy Kessinger, FitNice System. Judy and Lisa Niehaus took measurements and then custom fit a pattern to me. I learned so much and feel confident in my abilities to fit additional patterns and to made adaptations to the FitNice Top pattern.


IMG_5213.JPGI used the basic FitNice System top pattern to make this tunic. I added a cowl neckline, flare at the sides, and a shirt-tail hem. Fabric purchased at my local fabric store, Austin’s Sewing Center. I am looking forward to all the varations I can make to this fabulous fitting top pattern!





In June my husband and I visited New York and I spent hours at Mood Fabrics. Yep, I was lucky enough to be there on Swatch’s birthday. I spent 4 days visiting fabric stores. It was overwhelming,  but exhilarating to see and touch so many beautiful fabrics.

Sewing for the Home


The last 20 years most of my sewing has been costumes, sewing for the home, and craft type of sewing.  I did little documentation of these projects from 2017, but this is a pillow I made for a friend.